Our Services

Abounding Aspirations is fortunate to have the experience base from 7 different Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) with a diversity of counseling backgrounds.  While counseling services typically focus on an individual, family, couple, or group, the methods used within these services can be quite varied.  This page allows you to become familiar with the services and counseling styles that are frequently used in our practice.  These descriptions are generalizations and can be used differently by prospective therapists.  However, each of our therapists is committed to using practices that are shown to be effective and exceed the standards of ethics established by their licensing boards.  All of our therapists also firmly believe in the importance of a healthy, empathic therapeutic relationship.  This means that various methods and techniques might be used to achieve goals, but a mutual respect and well-established relationship is used as a catalyst to successful outcomes in therapy.  With this in mind, please review our offered services below.

Individual Counseling
Motivational Interviewing
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Existential/Humanistic Therapy
Pastoral Counseling
Skills Training
Family Counseling
Marriage/Couples Counseling
Group Counseling